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Jul 23, 2016

Chester County Aviation is now located in Hangar 2 - just west of the Main Terminal Building. Our phone number is 610-384-9005. We are pleased to announce that we are now the Aircraft Maintenance Service for the field, so stop in and say hello!

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Welcome to Chester County Aviation

Since April 1, 2016

Nicholas McBride - June
Vincent Concordia - July
Scott Vant - July

Since April 1, 2016

Private Pilot

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot
Brad Carnegie - June

Single Engine

Flight Instructor

- Airplane - Single-Engine -

- Instrument Airplane -

- Reinstatement -

Ground Instructor
- Advanced -

- Instrument -

So you want to learn to fly... Chester County Aviation is proud to be recognized as one of the top training facilities in the area. We are very pleased to provide our students with the latest state-of-the-art training programs.

For more information about flight training, please CLICK HERE.

Still have questions? Please call us at 610-384-9005
or email

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With our updated and well-maintained Rental Fleet, On-Line Scheduling of aircraft and instructors and our web based instruction program, Chester County Aviation stands ready to service your every flight instruction need.


NOTAMs have been published (FDC 6/3964 and 6/3975 ) that will affect flight in the area during the Democratic National Convention.

Location - On the WOODSTOWN VORTAC (OOD) 031 degree radial at 17 nautical miles. From the surface up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL.
Times - 10:00 AM local Monday, July 25, 2016 until 1:00 AM local Friday, July 29, 2016

While KMQS is not in the TFR area, other local airports are. During the TFR period, all flights should be to the west unless you file a flight plan and obtain the required ATC clearance.

AOPA Scholarships Available! AOPA will offer up to $156,000 in scholarships:

You Can Fly High School Aviation Scholarship program will award 20 scholarships to teens ages 15 to 18 (AOPA membership is not required).

AOPA AV8RS Scholarship will award up to 4 scholarships totaling $15,000 to deserving members of AOPA's AV8RS program, a free program for teens ages 13 to 18.

All of the above were announced in the June 8th issue of AOPA e-Pilot

2016 Scholarship Winners! We congratulates the following CCA students who have received flight scholarships awarded by the Aero Club of Pennsylvania and the Chester County Airport Pilots & Tenants Association:
Nicholas McBride - primary, pre-solo - student of Jeff Schaeffer
Jim Williams - primary, pre-solo - student of Erik Kotkas
Allison Irwin - primary, post-solo - student of Tom Birsch
David King - Instrument - student of Jeff Bennett
Moses Joknhial - Commercial - student of Don Eicher

N9373W joins CCA! We welcome another old friend back to the flight line. Piper Cherokee 235 N9373W, previously a CCA aircraft, is under new ownership and has been has been placed on our rental line. The aircraft continues to be kept in a 'T' Hangar and we will arrange to have it available when you want to fly it. Insurance minimums exist for this high-performance aircraft, so check with us for you checkout and training. Photos will be posted on the Aircraft Rental page soon.

N82720 joins CCA! We welcome an old friend back to the flight line. Piper Archer N82720, previously a CCA aircraft, has been under private ownership for the past few years, but with a change in that ownership, the new owners have placed it on our rental line. Now those of you who fly the Piper Archer have two aircraft available. Photos are posted on the Aircraft Rental page.

NOTICE - Annual Aircraft Checkout
We require renter pilots to fly with a CCA instructor at least once per calendar year. You should select the most complex aircraft in which you are qualified - or use this opportunity to checkout in another make/model.

Aircraft Maintenance comes to Chester County Aviation (CCA)! We are pleased to announce that with our move into Hangar #2, CCA Flight School has expanded into the general aviation maintenance area. We offer maintenance service for single and light twin engine aircraft, to include oil changes and annual inspections. We are preparing our list of Flat Rate Annual Inspections for most general aviation aircraft. Our service will include a detailed briefing for you, the aircraft owner, of the discrepancies found during the inspection and an estimate of the cost to correct these discrepancies. We look forward to working with you for your aircraft maintenance needs. Call us at 610-384-9005.

NACO Charts - Do you update your charts on a regular basis? Chester County Aviation normally stocks the AFDNE, Instrument Low Enroute (for most of the Eastern US) & Terminal Procedures NE1 - through NE4 as the Sectional charts for Pennsylvania and the surrounding area and the PHL, NY and Baltimore/Washington Terminal Area charts. For our customers who place a standing order (with credit card) for aeronautical charts, your charts will be ready for pickup prior to the effective date. Contact Steve for more details.

Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) -
As of Feb. 17, 2009, the rule converting the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area ADIZ into the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area SFRA became effective. All pilots who operate within 60 nm of the DCA VOR are required to receive special awareness training, available at (select Featured Courses, course catalog, Washington DC SFRA). Within the 30 nm SFRA, pilots must file a flight plan, establish two-way radio communications with air traffic control, and operate the aircraft transponder on the transponder code assigned by air traffic. While the special awareness training is a one-time requirement, FAA strongly recommends that pilots review the online course from time to time.
Because MQS is about 78 nm from the DCA VOR, we ask all student and renter pilots to complete the course and provide the flight school a copy of your certificate.

Chester County Aviation, located just west of Coatesville, is The Place for You to Learn to Fly in Southeastern Pennsylvania!

The insurance policy for Chester County Aviation rental aircraft has two very important restrictions.

First, the aircraft may not be operated on other than hard surface, paved runways, without a CCA CFI on board.

Second, the aircraft may not be operated outside the Continental United States. Besides the insurance restriction, the aircraft do not have the required FCC radio station license and most likely, you do not have the required FCC operator permit.

Effective December 20, 2004, the US Transportation Security Administration implemented specific rules regarding flight training leading to an Airman Certificate or Additional Rating, for both US and foreign students/pilots.

- - For US Citizens:
Effective December 20, 2004, you must provide proof of US Citizenship prior to any flight training, defined as training which can be used toward a new certificate or rating. You will receive a logbook endorsement verifying your citizenship. Reference: 49 CFR 1552.3(i)(iv)

- - For Non-US Citizens:
If you are a Resident Alien, please speak with the Chief Flight Instructor and then go to: and follow the instructions to register. Reference: 49 CFR 1552.3(i)(iv)

If you are not a Resident Alien and seek Vocational Training under an M-1 Visa, you must train at an FAA Designated Part 141 flight School, and we cannot train you at Chester County Aviation

Did You Know? - Brandywine Airport in West Chester, Chester County, PA changed their identifier from N99 to KOQN.

There's never been a better time to learn to fly.


  Chester County Aviation •  1 Earhart Drive, Suite 4, Coatesville, PA 19320
Phone: 610-384-9005 • Fax: 610-384-7083